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Reading basic machine parameters from Heidelberg CD 74

1 óra 35 perc
Hi, I am new here and I am looking for a way to read some standard machine (Heidelberg cd 74) parameters from LAN level (but not using heidelberg licensed software) such as: machine online time, current machine speed, number of sheets printed since machine startup etc. Is it possible via SNMP or any other protocol? Please help me!

Machine not working

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main motor is not running with load, if removed belt then it runs, or if we push handle and give inching then only it runs. also when we start bell is pressed the bell continues to ring and stops only when emergency stop switch is pressed. MODEL : - KOMORI SPRINT L225B

DI not imaging on unit #2

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Good evening all!

i am having the problem that some have had in the past of "loss of enable burn unit". it was intermittent the past week, but then today it will not image at all on unit #2. i can image on all the other 3 units without problems, i have also shaped out the logic boards thinking that the problem would dice. i have checked the backboard and re-seated the J1J plug. i have checked the connections going to the head and everything is well connected. i am at a loss here as i have gone through all the advice that corresponds with this problem on the various there anything that i am overlooking? btw its a classic model

OCE VP 6320 Registration

2017, március 28 - 23:18
Need some help here.. We have 8 VP 6320's and for the most part they run very well. The issue I am fighting (Even with the tech's) is we run a lot of tabs and after about 500K the tabs start to sink into the document. Im told this is due to the tabs being on card stock and wearing out the TTF belts. The spec's show the press will hold a .5mm tolerance but the tabs are moving 2 - 3 mm each time.

The fix is a service call to either reset the registration OR replace the TTF belts.

Has anyone ever heard of this issue and if so what fix it (If anything)

what is UV LED Curing?

2017, március 28 - 09:33
UV LED curing process become a hot topic in printing business now. Here is a general introduction of the advantage of UV LED curing process:

We also run a test to show the LED energy damping by curing distance to proof LED curing is more suitable for offset press:

For Printing speed 200m/min, curing distance 8mm, UV energy is 230mj/cm2; curing distance 100mm, UV energy still have 150mj/cm2.

Miller TP41-2

2017, március 25 - 11:09
for sale a Miller TP41-2, year 1975, good working condition, stil in production, can be tested. for more info mail me:
machine has to move, we give it at low price

Ryobi 782E, year 2007

2017, március 25 - 11:04
for sale a Ryobi 782E, year 2007, 14 million imp, like new condition, new rollers, serviced 5 months ago. stil in production, can be tested. for more info mail me:

Experts help needed to buy an used 2 color Heidelberg press

2017, március 25 - 06:25
Dear All Members and Experts:

With due respect, this is my fist post and kindly looking for expert advice

We are one of the oldest (40 years) commercial printing press in Bangladesh with a good client base. Mainly its a family business and I am looking after its sales and marketing. Right now we have a 2 color Roland Rekord, 1 Color SORK, SORD, MOE, KORD (all before 1975) and other bindery equipment.

However, I wish to buy a Good Used Heidelberg 2 color printing machine within the age of 1985 to 1999, To be very frank, our local press operators are not very used to with CPC

Please advice which Printing machine we should select to produce Good Quality Labels, Brochures, Flyers etc. We face shade variations in 1 color or 2 color printing press specially for ink roller.

My budget is around USD 25000 to 27000

Looking forward to experts help please.

Thank you in advance


Need opinion on Canon ImagePress

2017, március 24 - 19:36
My company is considering purchasing a Canon ImagePress (C850 or 10000). The prints the salesman brings look awesomely beautiful. I'm wondering if the quality from the machine will hold up over time. Also, are the ImagePress machines reliable or can I expect regular downtime for service? We are a printing company that currently runs two HP 7800 presses and are looking for a lower-priced alternative to offer.

Any feedback on the ImagePress machines would be appreciated.

New Electric Programable Cutter

2017, március 24 - 16:40
We now offer the eCut 19 Electric Programmable cutter designed and manufactured for our company by Yul Technologies of Canada.

Maximum cutting width: 19 inches
Maximum cutting height opening: 2’’
Narrow Cut: 3/4’’
Display: 5” color touch digital
Programmable up to 100 steps
Intuitive menus with Imperial/metric, English/French/Spanish settings
Infrared light beam safety curtain with mandatory testing
Optical cutting line
Two hand operation
Secured password
Safety main disconnect switch
Safe and easy removal of blade and cutting stick
Ergonomic design
Small footprint
Heavy duty metal construction
Easy maintenance grease points
2 cutting blades + 1 cutting stick
Designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada
UL/ CSA approval pending
Electrics: 110 VAC / 1 phase / 60 Hz / 14 amp
Dimensions: W 27 1/2’’ X D 34 3/4” X H 22 3/4‘‘ / 298 lbs
W 27 1/2’’ X D 34 3/4” X H 50‘‘ / 348 lbs with base
Base Cabinet now included
Stainless Steel Side Trays now included

for more information, please contact: Attached Thumbnails  

We sell ctp flexo cyrel fast (cdi spark 4835)

2017, március 24 - 15:45

price on request

email :

thank you

We sell ctp flexo cyrel fast (cdi spark 4835)

2017, március 24 - 15:45

price on request

email :

thank you

hEIDELBERG New Electrical boards at low price

2017, március 24 - 15:24
i have the following new boards available from our stock.

PP.04338243 (QUAPRO W/O FIRMWARE) , EURO: 350
PP.04450981 (QUAFISPH), EURO: 250
PP.04964330 (PCB QUAVIDEXT), EURO: 1000
PP.04897161 (PCB QUANAL), EURO:500
PP.04337191 (PCB QUALM), EURO: 700

calibration - Igen 3

2017, március 23 - 23:23
recently reloaded software, since then i have not been able to use my X-rite. It keeps saying that it cant find it. is there an NVM that i should check ?

Thank you

HI Tech Programmable Paper Drill

2017, március 23 - 21:31
OMM Marchetti America is now offering the Concorde 3 model Paper drill at discounted prices.

This unique machine distinguishes itself from the other machines in the market as it stands alone with the patented technology.

The Concorde 3 is able to drill to a minimum distance of .32 inches between holes, and it is capable of a drilling depth of 1.75 inches

The Concorde 3 also utilizes a programmable sliding table with up to 100 programs for fast makeready between different hole pattern jobs.

OMM Marchetti America
250 West Main Street
Moorestown, NJ 08057 Attached Thumbnails  

Crease Perforate and Punch

2017, március 23 - 21:21
OMM Marchetti America is now offering Models Mini Endeavor semi-automatic Creaser and Endeavor Automatic Creasers at discounted prices.

These machines will crease, perforate and punch

For more information:

OMM Marchetti America
250 West Mai Street
Moorestown, NJ 08057 Attached Thumbnails      

Feeders and Stackers

2017, március 23 - 21:17
OMM Marchetti America is now offering Feeders and Stackers to accommodate all sheet-fed and hand-fed equipment.

Friction feeders from 14" to 20" widths
Low Pile Feeder 20" width
Hi Pile Feeder 20" and 29" widths
Hi Pile Stacker 20" and 29" widths

OMM Marchetti America
250 West Mai Street
Moorestown, NJ 08057 Attached Thumbnails      

CP 2000 Extremely Slow start

2017, március 23 - 20:46
Hi All,

I got a IPC(Cp 2000 program) with a slow starting. It takes 10 minutes to load!.
I read in the forum that it's possible delete some file to speed up the start. I never cleaned any database or something like that in the disk, so somebody can point me to delete those files?


09-8000 thoughts?

2017, március 23 - 18:45
in the fault code, procedure exists as: "buy new igen, or grin and bear it" lol

am curious, could anyone expound on that? this is popping up today. And Im nervous.

"max dead cycles"

Konica Minolta Bizhub C220 prints random text untill tray empty

2017, március 23 - 13:31

I have a problem with Konica Minolta Bizhub C220.
Twice the printer has printed some random text untill paper tray gets empty. I don't know what caused the printer to go nuts. Probably some bad driver, but how to determine, which computer caused it?