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2017, február 24 - 18:30
I'm having this problem, we've removed the module, fixed it, but the machine continues to shake as if it were the main engine. Help me.

muller martini minuteman stitcher help needed

2017, február 24 - 13:51
muller martini minuteman saddle stitcher. header trim blades wont line up flush.

tried changing blades and readjusting, but it wont set straight. what gives?

if more info needed, please ask! thanks for anybody willing to take time to help!

Polar Optical Cutting line light

2017, február 23 - 22:19
Hello everyone,

We have a 2001 Polar 78 ED and are missing the Optical Cutting line light and assembly. Does anyone know where I can purchase this used or new? Are there any substitutions that I can use instead of the OEM gear?

Also, I'm looking for a parts / electric manual …


Printer to do up to 11x 17 10 pt card stock?

2017, február 23 - 19:50
Is there a printer that will do up to 11 x 17 10 pt card stock for under $3,000? I'm not in the industry but want to print my own small posters.

Konica R2 for fotos available!

2017, február 22 - 23:57
Does anybody need minilab for fotos?
Working, unused for a while.
No need, but space needed.

Must sell quicly.

Located in Finland.
Loaded on truck is possible.


Also xerox docucolors/papercutters etc available


Kodak NexPress 3000 MICR For Sale by ZAR Corp

2017, február 22 - 22:21
ZAR buys and sells top-quality used Kodak NexPress S3000 MICR printing systems to printing customers around the world. In addition, ZAR provides parts, consumables, and supplies at unbeatable prices, unsurpassed quality and amazing service.

A4/Letter - 6000 per hour
C4 - 5455 per hour
B4 - 4091 per hour

Max Imageable Area - 13.4 x 20 inches
Max Sheet Size - 14 x 20.47 inches
Min Sheet Size - 11 x 7.9 inches

Paper Weight - 16 lb. bond/40 lb. Text up to 130 lb. cover uncoated
Paper Feeding - Two 1000-sheet feeders with 4 inch pile height
Paper Delivery - Total capacity of 5000 sheets with 19.5 inch pile height

Fax: 1-952-516-5280
E-Mail: Attached Thumbnails  

water, water everywhere....

2017, február 22 - 17:44
new EU still causing me troubles... But at least, no longer getting the "cooling down" errors thankfully...

but the warm weather and rain the last few days, has brought humidity back into the fold...and 4 times in the last 2 weeks, iv'e got "water collection fault". which is REALLY odd.

So i go check the hose. Hose EMPTY. UNTIL, i either open the one-way valve by hand or remove it. at which point, water GUSHES from the hose. like its vapor locked... I think I mentioned this in another post, that it didn't seem right from day one. You can hear air escaping. I don't remember that from the old one.

just bad valve?

pressure gone wonky?

Densities climbing/ color going haywire

2017, február 22 - 04:49
I've been running an L5-28 + coat (circa 2007 I think) for about 4 years. (former Harris, Heidelberg, MAN-Roland, Mitsu guy). When I first got to this shop, they were having all kinds of problems, as this was their first "big" press. (28" 'Big' ha-ha) Any way, we got all of the major problems sorted out, and life was good for a couple of years. This past month I've had all kinds of problems holding color. In the morning (press cold) I have to push a lot of ink. By mid day I am cutting ink and upping water. Always been, that's OK, but now when I am several hundred sheets into a run, the colors all climb (more so Cyan & Mag) and behave erratically. Nothing has been changed as far as my consumables (ink paper fount solution etc) Dumping fountain solution seemed to help a little. I can't think of anything that has changed. Chiller is working OK. Anyone have advice or clues?

Veteran digital printer, printer forum noob

2017, február 22 - 00:12
So I searched the forums here as well as some other sites to gain some insight into our dilemma, which has to do with a brand new 8000vp (b4000 server). We were running a 7000vp with retrofittings for a 7011vp for years and we finally decided, after 11 million impressions (mainly 12x18), that it was now time to move on. Here's the problem (which actually occurred on our old 7000 from time to time) -

Calibrate, run a sample of a booklet or postcard, sample looks good. So go ahead and run the job right? Obviously, who wouldn't? Well, say the run is 500 of a 3 page document, about 100 sets into the production the colors start to shift toward magenta. At first it's subtle, and worsens as you progress. Then stop the run and recalibrate...looks good, start production....stop when the color shifts, recalibrate, rinse and repeat.

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

Print Shop Machines for SALE..

2017, február 21 - 22:13
1) 1993 Challenge 305 paper cutter with Micro cut Jr ,Extra Blade and its accessories.

2) 1989 Challenge 370 cutter with micro cut : Good working condition .

3) Heidelberg SBG Die-cutter :- Good working condition and available immediately.

4) 1986 Komori Sprint 225B:- Size 19x25", 2 colors, Komorimatics damps, Royse R&R, spray powder, 41 million impressions, Dollies, no damage to cylinders, Plate Punch, good running condition, well maintained and available immediately

5) Heidelberg KORD Very well maintained clean machine.

6) Miehle VERTICAL letter press : size 14 X 20, Model V-50.

7) 1998 Heidelberg Quick Master 46-2 : Damage free .Good working condition & well maintained machine.

8) RYOBi 3302M :

9) 1998 Abdick3985 :True 2 color press

10) Rollem 12 X 18 inch

11) Heidelberg WINDMIL : Size 10 X 15 .Good working condition,

12) Chief 217 and parts Chief 217

13 ) Multiline 15 flim processor

14) KLUGE File stamping machine

15) Baum FOLDER

16) Anitec d26 plate Processor

17) Interlake Stitcher ,MODEL S3A


Kumaran LLC,
Work +1-972-400-6012(Whatsapp, Viber)

Used 2012 Man Roland 706-LTTLV

2017, február 21 - 20:18
Used 2012 Man Roland 706-LTTLV HiPrint
22 Million Impressions
Double Anilox Coaters
Suction Tape Feeder Table
RCI Off Press Controls
Roland Deltamatic Dampening
Technotrans Combination Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit
Ink Temperature Control
PPL - Semi Automatic Plate Loading
Automatic Wash Up Devices
Performance Package for Carton Printing
UV Prepared
All Units UV Interdeck Prepared 2x Interdeck Lamps
UV/IR/Hot Air Dryers in Dummy Unit
UV End of Press Dryer in Delivery
IR & Hot Air End of Press Drying Air Glide
Extended Delivery
Powder Spray Device

This used 2012 Man Roland 706-LTTLV is a cream puff. Show room like condition.

Available immediately.

If you have any further questions regarding this press please contact: Brian 251-510-1841 or email

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Xerox Versant 80

2017, február 21 - 17:58
Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone has a Xerox Versant 80, we are thinking of upgrading from a 560, and want to know if anyone has run into any problems.


What is the meaning of B1 or B2 format press ?

2017, február 21 - 11:30
What is the meaning of B1 or B2 format press ? is it specification of machine size or others information about press. please describe...

Used 2006 Man Roland 708P Direct Drive

2017, február 20 - 21:48
2006 Man Roland 708P Direct Drive
RCI Console
Inline Colorpilot
Rolandmatic Delta Damps
Preset for paper size/thickness/air
Simultaneous Plate Changing
Ink Temperature Control
Powder Spray
165mm impressions

This used Man Roland 708P press is very well equipment and in great condition! Available immediately! Please email or call for more details and information!

If you have any further questions regarding this press please contact: Brian 251-510-1841 or email

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Used 2008 Heidelberg XL105-6+LX

2017, február 20 - 21:46
Used 2008 Heidelberg XL105-6+LX
Inpress Control
Prinect Console
Alcolor Vario
Preset Plus
Ink Temperature Control
Powder Spray
IR Dryer

This used Heidelberg XL105-6+LX is very well equipped. Inpress control is a ground breaking technology to have on your press room floor! Available Immediately! Please call for more pictures and information!

If you have any further questions regarding this press please contact: Brian 251-510-1841 or email

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2005 Heidelberg XL105-6+LX

2017, február 20 - 21:45
Used 2005 Heidelberg XL105-6+LX
CP2000 Console
Anilox Coater
Preset Plus Feeder and Delivery
Ink Temperature Control
IR Dryer
Powder Spray

This used Heidelberg XL105-6+LX is in very good condition and available immediately. Please call for more details and information.

If you have any further questions regarding this press please contact: Brian 251-510-1841 or email

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2 part ncr printing

2017, február 20 - 21:39
I need to do a 2 part ncr print job and the customer would like them numbered. How to make a mail merge where I tell it to print two of each one of the numbers. This is probably much more simple than I think just drawing a blank. I have the project all merged, just dont know how to make it do tw0 of each in a row.

Heidelberg CD 102 air supply problem

2017, február 19 - 19:50
Dear All
In our CD 102 third unit air supply low problem, I already checked the solenoid valve and cylinder . All are normal. please help me to solve the issue.

KBA Rapida Ra 105-4

2017, február 19 - 17:15
Offset printing machine KBA Rapida Ra 105-4

Year: 1999
Size : 72 x 105 mm
Impressions : 120 Mio.
Condition : As Is

Description PWHA Semi-Automatic Plate Change, Varidamp Dampening,Weko powder spray, Ergotronic Control Console,Baldwin Recirculation, Rietschle Air Center, IR Dryer,Straight Machine

Price: 82550.- EUR

Newbie ? What printer should I get?

2017, február 18 - 23:52
Hello! I own a small carpet cleaning business in vancouver washington, I am looking to do 10,000 EDDM pieces or so a month and want to buy my own printer and do it in house.

I would Prefer to do 6.5x11 but im flexible as long as its an eddm size approved. Ideally I would like to do 14pt or 16pt.

What printer would work well for me that wouldn't cost a fortune ? lol
Also do you know what it would cost me in ink to do 10k pieces roughly?

Also, where do you buy bulk size specific paper or do you?

Thank you guys so much for your help!